Thank You For Your Order

Congratulations on your decision to build your own website.

I highly recommend that you create your own website. Please note, however, that I’m creating a Weebly website for you so it’s a FREE website. It’s hosted on their servers. This means that they own the space on the web, not you. It is a great option to get started, though.

It is somewhere you can call home, where you house your contents and where people can find you

The extra cost of $5 that you paid is for me to set up your website for you so you won’t have to pay a web designer that would probably cost $10 or more.

Your website will have a homepage, about page, blog, and a contact page.

Please email me the following.

  1. Your full name
  2.  email address
  3.  your domain name (it can be your or anything you like)
  4.  a picture of you
  5.  Facebook profile link

Thank you very much!